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Danny Galloway seated by the Captain's wheel on his boat rigged for commercial shrimping. Galloway has been a shrimper and boat builder for several years.

Danny Galloway at dock overlooking the Lockwood Folly River.

Mary Mintz standing in front of historic documents and artifacts at the Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum. Few people have contributed as much to the continuation and preservation of local history and traditions in Columbus County as nonagenarian Mary…

Mary Mintz at the Lake Waccamaw Depot Museum, holding her Brown-Hudson Folklore Award from the North Carolina Folklore Society.

Shirley Freeman is a teacher at the Hallsobo-Artesia Elementary School, as well as an accomplished quilter and basket weaver. Here, she is sitting in front of her quilts and holding one of them.

Close-up of Shirley Freeman's quilt, "Cheryl's Memory Quilt."

Shirley Freeman sitting with her daughter Nadine Patrick in front of quilts. Patrick dances and sings traditional gospel and original compositions. She is also very knowledgeable about Waccamaw traditional culture, especially the powwow tradition.

View of a fish ladder-- a graduated step system with rocks and different channels for fish to hop up. This is currently the only one like this on the East Coast.

Photo taken from Tom Charles' boat, about 100-150 yards away from lock. View of men further down from the fish ladder fishing for shad with a net.

Folks at Blue Monday Shad Fry. Servers are dishing up shad roe-- sacs of fish eggs, cooked in bacon fat with shallots, onions, salt and pepper, and chicken eggs thrown in at the end, fried shad cooked by Jesse Banks-- president of the shad fry, hush…
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